Blayne Barber picks up mini-tour win just eight days after Q-School DQ

Blayne Barber doesn't believe in karma. Whether you agree with him or not doesn't really matter. What does matter, however, is that this wonderful, crazy game we call golf has been known to produce storybook finishes on the heels of gut-wrenching defeats.

Case in point: Blayne Barber's decision to DQ himself from Q-School six days after he advanced to the second stage. After spending nearly a week contemplating a questionable rules decision, the former Auburn Tiger decided he was the in wrong and needed to submit the disqualification so he could go to sleep with a clear conscience.

It was a huge blow to Barber's chances of making the PGA Tour -- especially with the tour going to a new Q-School format starting next year. But just eight days after the incident, Barber appears to be back on track, after he picked up his fourth win in six tournaments on the NGA Hooters Tour.

Sure, it's only a mini-tour win, but considering everything Barber's been through over the last week, recording your fourth win in six events on any tour is pretty damn impressive.

"I had a minor setback a few weeks ago," Barber told the NGA Hooters Tour, "but I know that I'm progressing and having fun. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing. If I keep doing that, it's going to equate to more success and we'll see what happens from there."

Did karma play a role in the victory? Barber would likely say no. Regardless, you can't help but wonder if the golf gods played a small part in Barber's fourth win of the season.

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