Guess who’s talking about the Royal Baby? Everybody

Matthew Coutts
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Guess who’s talking about the Royal Baby? Everybody
Guess who’s talking about the Royal Baby? Everybody

The announcement that Kate Middleton has gone into labour has been met with excitement, anticipation, humour and an overwhelming amount of television coverage. The Royal Baby is yet to be born, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from talking about the event.

On Twitter, the Internet’s water cooler, everyone is talking about the impending birth. Those thoroughly exciting about the child’s arrival are mixing with those who find attention paid to the whole affair rather tiresome. On top of that are the jokers, the comedians and parody accounts, adding their own spice to the stew.

First, let’s take a look at some of tweets from those genuinely excited about the arrival of William and Kate’s first child.

As one would expect, the birth of a royal child has been the subject of great mockery online, from nowhere more so than parody accounts already intent on mocking, or lightly teasing, the Royal Family. Here are some of the more amusing.

Text from Royal Gynaecologist: "At your cervix ma'am" #RoyalBaby — Duke of Edinburgh (@PrincePhilipDoE) July 22, 2013

Here are a few other Twitter posts making light of today’s big news. From lightly amusing to abjectly absurd, everyone enjoys a good laugh.

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