Video: Riders’ coach Corey Chamblin compares Kavis Reed’s meltdown to Dennis Green’s

Edmonton Eskimos' head coach Kavis Reed's supervillainesque "consequences" rant at a press conference following his team's 17-3 loss to B.C. Saturday has drawn interest from across Canada and beyond, and the clip of it has already become the ninth-most viewed video in that site's history. Thus, it's not surprising that other CFL coaches are aware of it, but it's interesting to see them commenting on it: given how small this league is, coaches usually tend to avoid saying anything remotely controversial about each other. That wasn't the case for Saskatchewan Roughriders' head coach Corey Chamblin, though, who compared Reed's blowup to Dennis Green's infamous "The Bears are who we thought they were!" rant. Here's video from CJME's Green Zone Football of what Chamblin had to say when asked about Reed at the end of his own press conference Monday:

A reporter asks Chamblin "Any comments on Kavis' meltdown the other night?" and Chamblin initially responds "No," before adding with a smile "Kavis can't do that. He just moved into the Denny Green phase. You can't do that. He gave you guys one for the record: I'll try not to do that."

It's great to see coaches speaking their mind, and one CFL coach comparing another one to Dennis Green is pretty amazing. How close was Reed's meltdown to Green's? Well, let's compare:

What's interesting is that Reed's comments remain at largely the same tone and volume (a relatively normal tone, but one filled with anger and one that seems seconds away from the edge) throughout that two-minute clip (he calms down a little after that in the full version), while Green (who made these comments as the Arizona Cardinals' head coach after an October 2006 loss to the Chicago Bears) starts off relatively calm and keeps escalating throughout. Both have the repetition of phrases, though: Reed uses "consequences" six times in 40 seconds, mostly with "There will be consequences" (which might make for a pretty superb Twitter hashtag). Green's probably is the better meltdown just for how he flips towards the end, but the air of menace throughout Reed's consequences diatribe (which some have compared to a wrestling villain's speech) is pretty good in its own right.

This story doesn't stop there, either as The Edmonton Journal's Chris O'Leary talked to Reed about his internet notoriety, and got an interesting reaction:

“To be quite honest, I don’t know what the attention is because I stay away from that stuff,” Reed said on Monday night. “But losing is not good. Losing is not something that’s acceptable and it’s not something that you want to be comfortable with. I was very disappointed in some aspects of our game and that was what was being relayed.”

Chamblin's comments also came up in O'Leary's conversation with Reed:

Reed laughed when he was told what Chamblin said about him, but wouldn’t say if the Green comparison was accurate.

“Is it accurate for me to say that I was disappointed in a loss?” he said. “I have no comment on that. Corey said what he said and … I have no comment on that.”

Uh oh, Corey. It sounds like there might be consequences.

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