Video: Nik Lewis catches a tipped pass in one of the oddest touchdown plays this year

There are plenty of unusual catches made in every CFL game, but Friday's Calgary Stampeders-Montreal Alouettes clash had more than its fair share, including Calgary quarterback-turned-receiver Brad Sinopoli's one-handed grab and Montreal receiver Brandon London's over-the-shoulder touchdown catch. Still, perhaps the most unusual catch was the one that looked least impressive. That would be the grab made by veteran Calgary receiver Nik Lewis, who broke on a crossing route across the goal line, but then noticed that Stampeders' quarterback Drew Tate's pass had been tipped and was slowly fluttering to earth. Here's what Lewis did next:

What's really impressive there is the way Lewis breaks back towards the ball, completely altering his route and tracking back to grab the loose pigskin before it hits the ground. The actual catch isn't all that remarkable, but it shows Lewis' veteran savvy and presence of mind, which is further emphasized in how he gathers the ball in and falls backwards across the goal line for a touchdown. Plenty of CFL receivers would have been happy just to grab a ball like this and collapse to the ground, but Lewis knew exactly where he was on the field and was able to translate that catch into a touchdown reception. In the end, this didn't prove all that decisive, as Calgary won 22-14, but it was still an important moment for the Stampeders. Lewis' football experience and sure hands helped him not only reel in this loose ball, but also convert it into a touchdown: that's a remarkable play, and one Calgary fans should be very thankful for.

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