Mad cites the Saskatchewan Roughriders as a “Do-It-Yourself Adventure Time” villain

It's always fun when prominent American comedy outlets cite the CFL for one reason or another, and there's been plenty of that lately, from 30 Rock to How I Met Your Mother to Modern Family and The League. The latest to do so is famed American comedy magazine Mad, which mocks animated comedy series Adventure Time in its most recent issue with a "Do-It-Yourself Adventure Time" Mad Libs-esque feature. One of their possible villains? The Saskatchewan Roughriders. Here are screenshots of the cover and the piece involving the Roughriders:

There are obviously some hilarious permutations you can come up with there, but even just taking the fifth column makes a pretty good story. "Finn and Jake must save 40 per cent on snow tires from the evil Papa John, who demands three free months of DirectTV. On their way, they encounter the last remaining Occupy Wall Street protester offering them a cameo on Supernatural and telling them about a magic bit-torrenting site. In the end, they defeat the Saskatchewan Roughriders by using a combination of diet and exercise, and the heroes enjoy a good profile pic." Not bad at all. Nice of Mad to notice the CFL, and the Roughriders are obvious villains given their prominence. Funnily enough, though, despite the team's social-media dominance, this is the first one of the U.S. comedy pieces mentioned above that's cited Saskatchewan. The Roughriders are no longer excluded, and this seems like a pretty good way to break that streak.

[Thanks to Terry Ott for the heads-up here.]

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