B.C. Lions receiver Shawn Gore joins the media, filling in as a CTV B.C. sports anchor

The concussion-causing hit B.C. receiver Shawn Gore took from Toronto's Janzen Jackson in Thursday's game against the Argonauts clearly didn't ruin his spirits, as he was still able to take part in a CTV B.C. segment this weekend where he and sports anchor Kelcey Brade traded jobs. Brade went out and ran routes for the Lions, which you can see in the full segment, while Gore took over on the sports desk to do some CFL and horse-racing highlights:

That's a pretty solid media debut from Gore, who does quite a professional job with the highlights. He might get a few accusations of conflicts of interest for lines like "The B.C. Lions showed [urgency] from start to finish, beating the defending Grey Cup champs," as he happens to be a member of those same B.C. Lions, but hey, he covers what he's assigned. It's impressive he was able to do this while recovering from a concussion, but not all concussions are the same or carry the same symptoms, and as Lions' head coach Mike Benevides told Lowell Ullrich of The Province, there's a substantial difference in the risk involved between standing in front of a camera and standing in front of a charging linebacker:

Yet though he won’t play, Gore was good enough to take part in a CTV segment on the weekend where he got to play sportscaster, though as Benevides said sarcastically it was an easy job.
“The lights weren’t moving. He wasn’t being hit. Maybe he was still in outer space. But it’s really quite simple to be in the media, stand in front of a camera and look good. It’s not that hard,” Benevides said, grinning.

Touché. If this pattern continues, maybe the next wave of "replacement journalists" will be concussed athletes. Seriously, though, this is a cool initiative from Brade (following in a long line of participatory sports journalism that dates back to George Plimpton and others), and it's nice to see Gore and some of his Lions' teammates (including quarterback Chris Hart, who's throwing passes to Brade in the full segment) play along. It sounds like Gore won't be ready to return this week, so perhaps that will give him extra time to work on his media skills. For his next media job, maybe he can switch departments at CTV B.C. and follow in the legendary footsteps of weatherman Metta World Peace?

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