Lauren Bacall Bequeathed $10,000 for Care of Beloved Dog Sophie

Lauren Bacall and Sophie on the red carpet in 2007. (Getty Images)
Lauren Bacall and Sophie on the red carpet in 2007. (Getty Images)

Now that's a lot of Beggin' Strips!

Lauren Bacall, who died Aug. 12 at the age of 89, had an estate worth more than $26 million, and the legendary movie star made sure to provide for her beloved dog, Sophie. According to papers filed Friday in Manhattan Surrogate's Court, the actress set aside $10,000 for the care for her Papillon.

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The New York Daily News reports that Bacall, who died at her Manhattan home after suffering a stroke, specified in her 2013 will that her son, actor Sam Robards, would care for the pooch. To do so, she gave him five figures to cover the canine costs.

The majority of Bacall's sizable estate, which includes her apartment in the famed Dakota building (where John Lennon lived and died), is to be split between her three children: Leslie Bogart, Stephen Bogart, and doggie handler Robards. Beyond that, she gave $250,000 to each of her six grandchildren, and two of her employees also received monetary sums (Maria Santos was given $20,000; Ilsa Hernandez was left $15,000).

Bacall, who had a legendary love affair with her first husband Humphrey Bogart and was also married to Jason Robards, was a lifelong dog lover.

"I was always a dog yearner," the New York native told Glenn Close in a 2008 interview for "I didn't have a dog growing up in the city with a working mother. As an only child, I yearned for someone to talk to. When I was 16, we got a champagne-colored Cocker Spaniel and named him Droopy. From the first moment, [Droopy] was very possessive of me. All my dogs have been possessive of me."

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From then on, Bacall always had dogs and Sophie was her special companion later in life. She was photographed walking the dog near her Upper West Side apartment and even brought the pup on the red carpet at the Toronto and Berlin film festivals. And when she was promoting her reissued memoir By Myself and Then Some in 2005, Sophie accompanied the star to book signings.

Watch Close's amusing interview with Bacall and the very vocal Sophie, which took place in the honorary Academy Award winner's NYC apartment. Bacall joked that she didn't give the dog orders, she took the orders. The dog also put on quite the show with its toy, The Humperdink.

Bacall leaving money for the care of her dog isn't that unusual — for celebrities or everyday folks who want to provide for their faithful furry friends. However, hotel magnate Leona Helmsley, who was dubbed "the queen of mean," made major headlines when she left a whopping $12 million to her Maltese, Trouble, in 2007. Three years later, fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who committed suicide, left $82,000 of his $26 million estate to his trio of dogs: Minter, Juice, and Callum.

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Celebrities love their cats, too. When Dusty Springfield, the British singer of "Son of a Preacher Man" died from breast cancer in 2009, her last will and testament included several provisions for her 13-year-old feline, Nicholas. The cat was to only be fed baby food imported to England from the United States, live in a 7-foot indoor tree house, and be serenaded to sleep with a stereo system playing Springfield's hits. The most quirky stipulation of all? That the cat be "married" to a female cat of Springfield's friend.

After hearing that, Bacall leaving $10,000 for the care of her dog is totally normal.