Howard Stern Dishes on Vacation With Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

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What is it really like to vacation with one of the world's most high-profile couples?

Howard Stern — who spent the holiday with his wife, Beth, in Mexico along with Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, Jimmy Kimmel and his new bride, Molly, and Courteney Cox —  shared a few highlights from the trip on his SiriusXM radio show on Monday.
"Their lives are crazy!" exclaimed Stern, referring to the paparazzi that constantly follow Jen, 44, and her fiancé, Justin, 42, around. "Literally, they have a home on the ocean, and right on the ocean are boats [of photographers], and they are with you the whole vacation … I thought after a while they would go away.

"It's crazy, too. They make up stories to go along with the pictures that have nothing to do with the reality," the 59-year-old shock jock continued. "Like, 'Oh Jen and Justin are not fighting, they are having a great romance right now,' and all they are doing is sitting by a pool. But they make up stuff … I really was like, 'Oh my God, to have a camera on you every minute of your vacation is insane.'"
There certainly was no shortage of pics of Jen and Justin's pool time; however, celebrity factor aside, it sounds like the trip was a normal couple's getaway filled with wine, food, and golf.
"Jimmy cooked dinner, it took him all day to make it," shared Stern. "He made homemade pasta, his own ricotta cheese … it was really unbelievably great. We just sat there in Mexico, drinking wine, eating Jimmy's food."

Although Howard had a blast with his "boyfriend" Jimmy Kimmel, he also seemed to get along quite well with Theroux.
"I had a great time with Justin, too," Howard noted. "Smart guy … funny f--king guy. He pulled kind of a funny prank.
"I get up at four in the morning no matter what, even when I'm on vacation. In Mexico, I had a little frying pan and some egg whites, because when I get up I'm hungry, and then when I eat, I go back to bed. So Beth and I would be up super early, and every day we'd go for a walk for, like, an hour and a half … so I wake up one morning and in the frying pan there is a note that says, 'Howard, hey now, do me a favor and wake me up. Molly and I want to go on the walk with you guys, so please wake us up. We want to go with you,'" Stern recounted.
"So I said to Beth, 'Oh for Christ's sake, I don't want to wake them up because I know they sleep into — I swear to God — like 11 in the morning," he continued. "Anyways, I'm debating whether to wake Jimmy and Molly up. Now I'm angry. I said to Beth, 'They can go on their own walk.' We debate and debate, we start to knock on their door lightly. I said, 'Okay, they haven't answered, lets just go.' The whole time I'm walking I'm like, 'Oh God, they are probably going to be upset.' It ruined the whole walk.
"I get back, I say to Jimmy, 'Hey, I didn't wake you up,' he goes, 'What are you talking about?' … Turned out Justin left the note in the frying pan and made it like it was Jimmy so I would wake them up … that's a pretty good practical joke," Howard laughed.

As for guy time, it seems the trio decided to hit the links one day, which, well, could have gone better.
"We were so f--king bad at golf, the three of us," confessed Howard. "The game lasted two hours and we only got to the fourth hole … [we started with] 45 balls and we brought back 3 … We were like three blind people playing."

Doesn't sound like it put a damper on the trip though.
"This was the most relaxing vacation I've ever had," Stern revealed. "Everyone was very pleased I didn't throw a tantrum or act like an a--hole."

On Monday night, Cox appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and also talked about the star-studded vacay, which she described as "a memorable trip" and said she "loved every minute of." The "Cougar Town" star then pulled out a photo of herself with the TV host and his wife from New Year's Eve. In it, they were in a car, but he was fast asleep after apparently having too much fun at a party.

"This was after midnight, right?" Kimmel joked upon seeing the pic. "This was not on the way to the party."

When Cox noted that she also looked worse for wear in the black-and-white pic, Kimmel replied, "But you are conscious, which is the difference."

Kimmel went on to detail what happened when they returned to their rented vacation home in the early hours of New Year's Day.

"The guys who worked at the house we rented … reenacted my stumbling into the house afterwards," detailed Kimmel. "Apparently I grabbed one of them, hugged them, and said, 'Merry Christmas,' even though it was a full week after Christmas, and then I grabbed the other one and said, 'New Year.'"

Watch Cox and Kimmel talk more about the fun — and debauchery — here:

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