Nick Diaz to Roy Jones Jr. - Buy out my UFC contract so we can fight

Elias Cepeda
"Let me box, bro." (Getty)

Nick Diaz

"Let me box, bro." (Getty)

Nick Diaz was at Saturday's Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II fight in Las Vegas and afterwards spoke about his love for boxing and his own boxing aspirations. "I love to watch [Pacquiao]," Diaz began in his interview with Fight Hub.

"I love the way he fights. I try and take what I can. This year has been good to me because I can go out and make a lot of these boxing shows. Usually I have to fight. People don't think I am a serious boxing fan but most of the time I had 3 to 6 fights a year in a career that lasted 13 years."

The kinda, sorta retired UFC welteweight loves boxing so much that he says he hopes someone buys his contract out from the UFC so that he can box professionally.

‘If I could get somebody to buy my contract out from the UFC, I'd be fighting out here. Tell [Roy Jones Jr.'s] guys to buy my contract so we can fight," Diaz said (video below).

Jones Jr., of course, is a former pound-for-bound boxing king, but is well past his prime and should have retired for the sake of his health years ago. That hasn't stopped him from seeking out big MMA names like Diaz and Anderson Silva as prospective opponents in recent years, however.

Diaz, who has always found success with his hands in MMA bouts, says that his decades of experience in the practice ring sparring high-level boxers makes him curious how he could do against them in competition. The Stockton native also specified that he'd like to box at 167 pounds, if possible.

"Of course, sparring is different than fighting but I'd love to see what I could do," he said.

For now, Diaz is still in the UFC and is sticking by his demand of $500,000 to fight or a title fight.

"I'd like to fight for the world title against Johny Hendricks but these guys [the UFC] are kinda holding out. I'm trying to renegotiate my contract and negotiate some fights for this year. I don't know what will happen, maybe nothing. That's fine. Either way I can't complain. I had a good run. I've already had 37 fights but I would like to make a boxing run. It's always up to Dana White and always up to who's got the real money."

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