Nick Diaz: 'Anderson Silva should fire his trainer'

Elias Cepeda
Nick Diaz Reportedly Jumped at a Las Vegas Night Club
Nick Diaz Reportedly Jumped at a Las Vegas Night Club

Retired Chillin' UFC welterweight Nick Diaz doesn't agree with those who believe that injured former champ Anderson Silva is finished. According to the Stockton native, his possible next opponent Silva simply needs to hire better coaches.

"I'll tell you what, I think he should fire his trainer and hire himself a boxing trainer that teaches him how to put punches out," Diaz said in a wonderfully strange and quick interview with Fight Hub TV.

"I don't talk no [expletive]. I aint trying to talk no [expletive]. Of course he's got as many fights as he wants to have, but people saying [expletive] like, 'He should retire. He's not going to be the same.' I'm like, 'Fire your coach and get somebody to train your punches.'"

According to Diaz, Silva was foolish to simply start winging leg kicks without setting them up with punches in his last bout against UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. 

"Anderson Silva should've used his hands much more to strike Weidman because Weidman was dropping his hands and chin was straight up," he said.

"There were several instances of using punches would've been more effective than the leg kicks on the second match...That was the key. Putting punches out there but he had no punches for that guy. So then he started lobbing kicks out there and you saw what happened to his leg. He didn't have no answer for it."

Do you agree with Diaz that Silva should bring in new coaches? Let us know in the comments section.

But please, adhere to Diaz' own standards and don't "talk no [expletive]." There's no place for that on the internet.

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