Motivation not an issue for returning UFC contender Matt Brown

Motivation not an issue for returning UFC contender Matt Brown
Motivation not an issue for returning UFC contender Matt Brown

Matt Brown has put together an impressive six-fight win streak in the UFC's division and earned a fight against former title holder Carlos Condit before having to pull out of the bout with a badly injured back. Now, after a lot of rest and rehab, Brown has been in full-blown for a few weeks and has just inked a bout agreement to face Erick Silva in the main event of May 10th's UFC Fight Night in Brown's home state of Ohio. 

The fight against Condit was going to be Brown's coming out party - his opportunity to show the world that he was ready to challenge for the world title. While his skills are as dangerous as anyone in the world, Silva is an opponent with far less name recognition and a less shiny record (he's 3-3 in his last six bouts).

Tuesday we asked Brown if he'd have trouble getting as motivated for this coming fight as he was for the Condit one. His answer - nope.

"Hell no, motivation is not an issue," Brown told Yahoo! Sports.

"This guy I’m fighting is tougher than hell. Just because he's not ranked in the top ten, doesn't mean anything. This guy could beat anyone  in the division on any night."

In addition to rehabbing his back, Brown recently went on a tour of Afghanistan to visit U.S. troops with fellow UFC fighters Kyle Kingsbury and Tom Lawlor. "That was really awesome," Brown says of the trip.

"Pretty much every day we had tours of something - different bases, places they worked and they gave us tours of what they do. We had two or three different tours a day then, in the evening time we did a seminar. We taught the troops different things we know."

Brown did a little light grappling with some lighter weight military personnel and says that, other than a little jet lag, he thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Upon his return, he was eager to fight but didn't care who his next opponent would be.

"No," he says.

"im just doing my job. The UF asked me to fight him so I'm going to fight him. There's really nothing more to say about that."

The straight-talking Columbus-area resident will be fighting near home when he headlines with Silva May 10th. In order to keep his focus, Brown says he will keep things as normal as he can during fight week. 

"It's actually going to be all the same," he explains.

"I fought here in Columbus years ago against Pete Sell and we did exactly the same stuff. I won't stay in my house, I won't drive a car. It will be just like any other fight."

Luckily for fight fans, Matt Brown has a tendency to turn any and every fight into a barn burner.

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