Julianna Pena says leg surgery a success

Julianna Pena recently suffered one of the nastiest injuries we'd heard of in awhile (and, given this one, that's saying something) while training for her scheduled UFC 171 bout. As a result, she was forced out of the bout and onto the surgery table.

Though the length of her recovery can't yet be known, Pena posted Friday morning on her Facebook wall that her surgery was a success.

"Surgery was a success!" the TUF 18 winner wrote.

"I was freaking out the whole time thinking I wasn't going to wake up for provoking death so much, but I'm alive! I want to give a special thanks to the doctors that operated on me, particularly Dr. Kvitney, here in LA. Dana put me in the best hands for surgery; they're confident i will make a full recovery in due time. I would to send out a huge Thank you to Dana White and the UFC for making this successful surgery a possibility. And THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me prayers and well wishes. Your guys support is so meaningful and beautiful to me. No kidding it's the reason why I keep moving forward w my fighting career. I fight for me, but I also fight for you guys too! I want to be remembered as a skilled fighter and without my family and fans, (my friends), that wouldn't be possible. So THANK YOU everyone who has been supporting me through this difficult time. It's humbling and I truly appreciate it! !"

As if the injury itself weren't horrible enough, the many different stories about how, specifically, Pena was hurt at her Washington gym, has sparked controversy between UFC president Dana White - who said she should leave the gym - and her teammates and coach, who say the injuries were a result of a freak accident between Pena and a long time training partner and friend.

Whatever the case, we are glad to read that Pena's surgery went well and we hope her recovery is speedy and full.

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