Josh Koscheck forges ahead

Josh Koscheck says he's not done yet (MMA Weekly)


When Josh Koscheck lost his third straight fight last November at UFC 167, via KO to Tyron Woodley, it made him reconsider his career. “You know, when you do everything right for so long and you have a bad day at the office, it makes you think about things," he told ESPN in a recent interview.

"You wonder, ‘What the hell? Is there more out there? Is there something better I can be putting that much energy into?'”

However, the two-time world title challenger ultimately decided to soldier on. Koscheck admits to having turned down two fights offered to him by the UFC since losing to Woodley but only because he needed time to rest, not because he's ready to hang up his gloves

“I’ve been training my whole life,” Koscheck explained.

“I’ve never had a break. I feel like I need to get away and take some time off and enjoy life."

The 36 year-old said that he has two more fights on his current UFC contract. As for his future in MMA, "Kos" plans to finish out this contract and then assess things afterwards.

“At this point, I’m still coming back. I have two more fights on my contract, and I plan on fighting those out and seeing if I want to continue. I’m obligated to two more fights with the UFC," he said.

Koscheck went on to say that he plans to start getting back into shape at the end of this month. Who do you want to see Koscheck fight when he steps back into the cage?

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