Injured Cole Miller still eager to fight Conor McGregor

Cole Miller is healing a broken hand but still wants to fight Conor McGregor

Cole Miller Confirms Broken Hand in UFC Fight Night 35 Bout, Unsure of Surgery

Cole Miller is healing a broken hand but still wants to fight Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor recently addressed rumors of his fighting Cole Miller July 19, when the UFC returns to Dublin.  The flashy Irish featherweight said that fighting Miller, who has called McGregor out in the past, "sounds alright."

We checked in with Miller, who is on a two-fight winning streak and last fought in January, what he thought about all this. Miller reminded us that he broke a hand in his Jan. 15 fight against Sam Sicilia and that right now, he isn't cleared to even hit pads, but that he still wants to fight McGregor.

"I haven't heard anything about that until now," Miller said.

"The last I heard, he didn't want to fight me. Now, I have one more win than the last time he said that and he wants to fight me? Ok, whatever. I don't give a [expletive]. 

"Sure. I'll fight him," he went on.

"Right now I'm not cleared to use my hand in training and the UFC has not come to me or my manager with this fight, though. I'm not saying it won't happen or that I definitely can't be ready by July but I wasn't even thinking about it until you asked because of my hand and the fact that no one has offered the fight to me."

If Miller's hand injury ends up being the one last road block to this grudge match happening, we wish "Magrinho" an especially quick recovery. Do you want to see this match up?

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