Delusional quote of the day: Wanderlei Silva now regulating self

Elias Cepeda
Former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva. (Getty Images)

Wanderlei Silva

Former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva. (Getty Images)

Wanderlei Silva appears to be a proponent of positive-thinking meta-physics, of late. The former world champ and UFC star has been on the defense since running from a drug test in his home of Nevada, lying about it and then admitting to using banned substances.

More importantly, "The Axe Murderer" has been in apparent denial about the type of trouble he is likely in. After appearing in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) to admit using banned substances, Silva told the world that the whole mess was behind him when, in fact, the NAC still had to make a disciplinary determination on his case.

In a sad new interview with Tatame, Silva went further with his whole "put it out into the universe it and will come true," big lie strategy and combined the best trolling elements of his rivals Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort. Silva spoke not just to his own physical readiness to fight, but also for the NAC by saying that he is cleared to fight and that he has been testing himself.

Tatame had the interview and Guilherme Cruz provides the translation below.

"I did a test on my own in Brazil, on June 6, to see if the corticoid and the diuretic were already out of my body," Silva began.

"I also tested my testosterone levels. At my age, the level is 180, and I'm at 160. I'm totally clean and cleared to fight as soon as possible. I'm just waiting for the UFC to tell me a date and location. In two months, I will be ready to fight."

Cagewriter checked with the NAC chairman, Francisco Aguilar, to see if we'd somehow missed the commission taking action on Silva's case and licensing him.  "Nope," Aguilar verified.

"We have not met with [Silva] since the last time and are meeting again July 23rd. He has not been licensed and cleared to fight by Nevada. He may have been cleared by other jurisdictions but not by ours."

If Nevada has not licensed Silva to fight yet, no other licensing should matter. The NAC is the world's leading fight regulator and it was from their random drug test that Silva fled before a scheduled Las Vegas bout against Chael Sonnen

We're all for positive thinking, Wanderlei, but we already tried the "hey, I tested myself at home and I totally passed, so no need to test me again here in class," approach back in grade school with our teachers to no avail so you're probably not going to get away with it, either. Hopefully, the MMA world will know what Wanderlei's immediate future holds within a week after he appears before the NAC again and they make a determination on his license.

Hopefully, Vitor Belfort will make an appearance at that meeting as well so we can finally see what sanction he receives for his failed drug test this year. Until then, Wanderlei and Vitor's no doubt stringent self-testing remains completely meaningless. 

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