Waiter sues Pacquiao for his role in arranging Mayweather fight

Was a waiter responsible for Mayweather vs Pacquiao? (AFP Photo)
Was a waiter responsible for Mayweather vs Pacquiao? (AFP Photo)

A waiter in Hollywood claims that he is the reason why Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s massive pay-per-view fight ever happened. And now he wants his cut.

According to TMZ Sports, Gabriel Salvador alleges that during his time as a waiter at Craig’s in West Hollywood, he met CBS president and CEO Leslie Moonves and pitched him on the idea that he could set up a meeting with Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach. With the assumption that the meeting could help bring the biggest fight in boxing to life, Salvador brought Moonves, Roach and Pacquiao together at Scarpetta restaurant in Beverly Hills back in May 2014.

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Documents obtained by TMZ Sports state that Salvador — who is also an aspiring actor — told all parties involved that he wanted a “customary finder’s fee” of 2 percent of gross proceeds earned by Pacquiao, Roach and CBS/Showtime from the monumental fight, should it take place.

Salvador says that even though all parties agreed, he was never fully compensated. In the lawsuit, he says he received a ticket to the fight, a room in Las Vegas and $10,000 to cover his expenses. But aside from that, he never saw another dime.

In an attempt to collect, Salvador says in his lawsuit that he reached out to Moonves, who, in turn, contacted Roach’s agent, Nick Khan. But nothing came of it. But a contracted associate of Pacquiao and Roach, Keith Davidson, contacted Salvador in an attempt to force him into accepting a flat payment of $50,000. If he didn’t, it is alleged that Davidson threatened Salvador that he would both lose his job and be blackballed from acting. Although Davidson is named in the suit, he was not Pacquiao’s attorney at the time.

Salvador is now suing Pacquiao, Roach, Davidson and CBS for $8.6 million, which he estimates is the portion of the gross proceeds he is owed. The suit claims that Davidson falsely claimed that he worked for Moonves, and a police report was filed that detailed Davidson’s threats toward Salvador. The suit also suggests that Khan apologized to Salvador for Davidson’s actions and that he has been able to maintain his job at Craig’s restaurant.

Top Rank Promotions current attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, told TMZ that the soon-to-be retired boxer has never heard of Salvador and that there is no case.

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