Can't miss that call: Boxer brings cellphone into the ring during a match

Kevin Iole

It's not hard to imagine what Marvin Jones was doing during his training camp for his March 27 bout with Ramon Luis Nicolas in Arcadia, Fla.

Texting a lot would be a good guess. Maybe he was playing Candy Crush. Or perhaps he was expecting an important call that he couldn't miss.

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Whatever, he could have used a bit more training, as evidenced by the first-round stoppage he suffered in the bout at the Turner Agri-Civic Center. It was Jones' fourth defeat in a row and his fifth, all of which have come by knockout, in seven pro fights.

But Jones, 32, will be remembered as the answer to a decidedly first-world problem: He is the guy whose cellphone fell out of his trunks during a fight.

Only seconds into Jones' fight with Nicolas, the cellphone banged on the floor. Referee Frankie Santore Jr. stopped the bout to pick up the phone to hand it to someone at ringside. Jones got an impish grin on his face and then bowed to the crowd in apology.

Just when you think you've seen it all in the fight game, a cellphone comes tumbling out of a boxer's trunks during a fight.

Perhaps on television commercials for fights, they should steal the tagline that "Chilly" Billy Cardille used when he called "Studio Wrestling" matches many, many years ago on WIIC-TV in Pittsburgh, because it was never more apt than in the Nicolas-Jones fight: Boxing is the sport where "anything can happen, usually does and probably will."

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