Rod Salka: 'I'm coming to win'

Elias Cepeda
Rod Salka: 'I'm coming to win'
Rod Salka: 'I'm coming to win'

When Rod Salka faces Danny Garcia on Saturday night in Brooklyn, Garcia's WBA and WBC light welterweight titles won't be on the line. The two will fight at 142 pounds, instead of the Jr. welterweight limit of 140 pounds and, as such, the underdog Salka wouldn't officially become a world champ if he manages to take out the champion Garcia.

That said, Salka insists that he isn't reflecting on the position a win might put his career in. "Lightning Rod" Salka is instead simply focusing on the task at hand. 

"I don’t care what that would do," he said on a recent media call.

"I don’t have any other expectations other than coming in there and winning the fight. Having any other thoughts about that only distracts from the goal and the goal is to ignore that and win the fight. So, come August 9 I’m coming to win."

The fighter admits that he'd rather fight the champion for his titles but, in the end, knows that he'll be recognized if he beats Garcia.

"It is what it is. There’s nothing I can do about that. I’d of rathered it been for the titles, but what am I going to do?" he said.

"I’m fighting the best fighter at 140 pounds in the world. Titles are what they are, but would I rather fight some guy nobody ever heard of for a title or would I rather fight some guy everybody knows who he is for no title? You know what I mean? Why wouldn’t I want to fight Danny Garcia? He’s the best we’ve got out there. It’s the biggest fight you could possibly get at 140 pounds. I really don’t care if I can put a belt on at the end of it. I can take my purse and go out and have a thousand of those made if I wanted to, what is that?"

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