Robert Guerrero blog: Preparations for Floyd Mayweather fight are in full swing

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MAY DAY: Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero" will be a 12-round fight for Mayweather's WBC Welterweight World Championship on May 4 and will be televised on SHOWTIME PPV® beginning at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. In the lead up to the fight, Guerrero will be blogging exclusively for Yahoo! Sports to provide unique insight into the title bout. Check in regularly for more from Guerrero, who is 31-1-1 lifetime heading into his biggest fight yet.

Las Vegas is where I call home now and I’ve just wrapped up my few days of training. I’m in tremendous shape and I’m feeling stronger than ever. This will be my third fight at welterweight so my body has filled in perfectly with the weight hike. A big reason for this is my manager Bob Santos, who has been doing my diet since I was a 16 year old amateur. Bob works extremely hard to make sure I’m eating all the right foods and he really gets it — he knows what my body needs to be at peak performance, so you can expect to see a well-oiled machine on fight night. Santos is a tremendous leader and mentor.

Training is going as planned. We found a gym that is low key so we can get all our training done with no distractions. My dad Ruben is my trainer and has been guiding my corner since I first started boxing. He’s pushed me to be the best and the respect we have for one another is what’s kept us strong over the years. He knows me better than anyone and together we are unstoppable. My dad, Santos and I have come up with a few masterful game plans that will be implemented in this fight. I have to give a shout out to my little brother Eric who is helping me with my exercises. We are a small team but we work extremely hard. The house that I’m staying at is amazing to say the least. My co-manager Luis DeCubas Jr. was the one who picked it out. It has six bedrooms with an indoor pool – nice! Every bedroom has its own bathroom and get this – its own flat screen television. All the beds are top of the line so my team and I will be getting the proper rest needed to stay on the grind which is crucial in the lead up to this fight or any fight for that matter.

Oh, and the hot tub in this house is off the charts so if I ever need that type of treatment it is right here waiting for me; even if I don’t need the treatment I might just take advantage of it once or twice! The kitchen is immaculate and my pops and Bob are on the grill preparing my meals constantly. Every meal gets made on a timely schedule and it’s very comforting knowing that I have everything I need right here at home.

Showtime has been filming my every move for All Access since I left Gilroy. The entire team gets ‘miked’ up every day and there’s cameras following me around every second. When the show premieres, everyone will get to see some really cool intimate moments and the demand of promoting a mega-event like this. After what I’ve been through in my life with all the trials and tribulations that have been made public, nothing is going to break me down mentally, so filming All Access is just another day in camp.

My core team, who has been with me since the beginning, is out here with me and together we are grinding like never before. We are running in high elevation every other day up at Mount Charleston which is like 8,000 feet elevation. I’ve got certain roads and trails that I’ve been running since we first started training in Las Vegas a few years back. When I’ve reached the mountain top after my run and I’m looking down on the city of Las Vegas I know I’ve paid the price and made the right sacrifice.

Before we come down from the mountain, my team and I say a prayer to keep us grounded. When you’re fighting in an event like this, prayer is the key to keep your mind on what’s most important and for me that’s putting Jesus Christ first in my life. Without Christ in my life, none of these incredible blessings would be possible.

It’s going down and I won’t be denied on May 4.

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