‘Pacman’ says Mayweather was unsportsmanlike, ‘Money’ unapologetic

With Victor Ortiz out of the way, Manny Pacquiao could be next for Floyd Mayweather. Combine Mayweather's persona and his actions in the win over Ortiz and it could make for an easy "good vs. evil" promotion.

Pacquiao is known as a nice guy with a big heart and he didn't like what he saw on Saturday night. From Manila Bulletin:

"There was nothing illegal in what Floyd did but it was unsportsmanlike," said Pacquiao, noting that he acknowledged the fact that referee Joe Cortez had signaled the fight to continue, something a lot of ringsiders said they never saw.

Pacman's adviser, Michael Koncz said that Mayweather's actions when Ortiz's hands were down is something you'd never see from the Filipino.

Koncz said Mayweather "took advantage of Ortiz's inexperience."

Koncz said if Pacquiao is exposed to the same situation, "Manny would never do something like that."

His trainer Freddie Roach said he never witnessed referee Joe Cortez say it was time to "box."

Meanwhile, Mayweather was getting it from all directions during the postfight press conference, but never wavered in defending his actions.

"Once we touch gloves it's fight time," Mayweather said. "It's open season." [...]

"You want to do me dirty and then two minutes later you want to be friends? It's the hurt business," Mayweather said. "It's boxing."

Mayweather said it was just a matter of time before he got the victory.

"Eventually, he was going to get knocked out down the line anyway," Mayweather said. "I was getting stronger."

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