Ortiz suggests two ‘little boys’ yearning for more, set for Saturday night clash

Victor Ortiz knows what it's like to have lousy parents and awful role models, so when he looks at Floyd Mayweather's dysfunctional family he can play amateur psychologist. Ortiz says there's a reason "Money" is so defiant and boisterous.

"I see Mayweather as a little boy who is yearning for some kind of attention he didn't get as a kid," he told Telegraph Sport in an exclusive interview. "I know, I went through it myself. I was abandoned as a kid, thrown to the wolves, and came back as a king. I don't care what he has to say."

Gareth A. Davies had an interesting sit down with the WBC champ. The 24-year-old is less than a day and a half away from the biggest fight of his life, but he seemed relaxed. Ortiz lit up when he heard Davies' British accent.

"If you ever meet Hermione [the actress Emma Watson] over there in London, put a word in from me, tell her I'm her biggest fan," explained Ortiz to Telegraph Sport, with a broad grin. "I've watched every Harry Potter film, know them all. They rock!"

Check out the rest of Davies' story. He penned a Harry Potter-like theme for tomorrow night's clash.

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