Ortiz questions Mayweather’s greatness

There's always an underlying angst when you're around Floyd Mayweather. He's 41-0 yet Mayweather is always beating the drum about how he's not respected. His greatness is a matter of opinion. Mayweather is clearly the fighter of this generation, but does that put him amongst the top 20 boxers of all time? It doesn't sound like his opponent Victor Ortiz believes that.

"Floyd is a good fighter. But, I've never thought he was great; ever since I was a kid. You know when you're a little boy, you sit back and you say, 'Wow. That guy's good. That guy's great.'" said Ortiz.

Ortiz mentioned the guys he feels are great. One problem, many of them eventually lost to Mayweather.{ysp:more}

"Oscar (De La Hoya) was one of those for me. (Shane) Mosley was definitely one of those for me. Bernard Hopkins was one of those for me. In his prime, Zab Judah was one of those for me. And Floyd, not in his prime, not in his come up, not in his anything, he's ever been that to me," Ortiz said. "So, I'm definitely not impressed for one, and I'm not a person who's going to hold any kind of respect like those 41 other victims."

There doesn't seem to be too many fans or boxing media members buying Ortiz's spiel or his shot at pulling the upset.

Manny Pacquiao is part of the small group who say the 24-year-old can produce a shocker.

"Ortiz has a big chance to win the fight," Pacquiao said. "For me, [Ortiz has] a big chance because I sparred with Ortiz and he's strong. He's a puncher. Both fighters have advantages. Floyd's faster than Ortiz and Ortiz is stronger than Floyd, so it depends on how hard they trained for the fight."

Pacman's trainer Freddie Roach is usually pretty blunt. He sees Ortiz as a longshot.

"Victor's a big, strong kid," Roach said. "He's a good puncher. You've got to give him a shot. Obviously, Mayweather's a great boxer and you've got to favor him a little bit. But he's been off for a long time and I think Victor has a slight shot of pulling the upset off," said Roach.

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