Mike Tyson teaches Brian Urlacher and Eddie George how to punch properly

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A more kind and gentle Mike Tyson has mostly been on display the past few years in interviews, appearances and his acclaimed one-man stage show, Undisputed Truth. Retired NFL stars Brian Urlacher and Eddie George recently tried to bring Tyson back to what he became famous for – punching.

While appearing on a Fox Sports 1 television show to promote his reality show, Being Mike Tyson, "Iron Mike" took a few moments to school the former hard-hitting middle linebacker Urlacher and speedy half back George on the finer points of knocking people out. Though brief, Tyson's tips on the heavy back were quite instructive and the NFL players seemed to listen carefully.

Urlacher, being 6'4, should set things up with his long jab, Tyson said. Only after a solid jab, brought back correctly to one's face to guard, should the knockout straight follow in rapid succession, the champ added.

"The actual knockout punch makes two punches sound like one," Tyson explained.

After Urlacher gave the heavy back another shot with the boxer's instructions fresh, Tyson said simply, "It's getting there."

When George took his turn at the heavy bag Tyson pulled him aside and showed how he needed to get his hips into the strikes more and turn the punches over."Boom, boom. You've got to come with the punches," Tyson demonstrated.

The former heavyweight champion of the world is now in the promotion game but something tells us he'd also make a pretty decent coach should he ever decide to spend time teaching young fighters the ropes.

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