Mike Tyson shoves fan for getting a little too handsy with him


Being a celebrity has its perks: the money, the attention, the freebies, the travel – the whole package seems like a dream for most everybody outside the club.

However, what about the overzealous fans who step over each other for a photo with you?

Mike Tyson was the king of boxing in the late-1980s/early-'90s. Equally as nightmare-inducing for his work inside the ring as he was for his reputation outside, "Iron Mike" became the most feared man of a generation.

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Then he was a convicted felon. Next came bankruptcy. Shortly after, a battle with cocaine and alcohol. Finally, a reformed Tyson debuted this decade and fans have gotten to see the boxing great in classic motion picture cameos and some were lucky enough to catch Tyson on Broadway where he performed his one-man show, "The Undisputed Truth."

So he's reformed, yes. But is he soft and cuddly? Well, that's your mistake to make.

During Friday's weigh-in for the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Tyson was on hand to take in the festivities. After all, he is a Vegas local, and Tyson is still very much a vocal proponent (and fan) of the sweet science. However, just because you saw him laughing on late-night talk shows with Jimmy Kimmel, it does not make him your buddy. He is still Mike Tyson.

And really, shame on that guy – who is obviously old enough to know exactly what Mike Tyson could do in his heyday – for thinking he can just up and bro-hug him out of left field.

It might not be 1988 but Iron Mike will never be a man for unsolicited grabbing. In the words of another 1980s staple: "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself."

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