Mike Tyson to host one-man show on the Las Vegas strip, ‘Tyson: The Raw Truth’

During a radio interview Tuesdsay with Dan Patrick, Mike Tyson confirmed he'll be part of "The Hangover 3," but in even bigger news, gossip guru Robin Leach is reporting that the former heavyweight king is going to host his own show on the Las Vegas strip.

Tyson confirmed to Leach's Luxe Life blog that the show is a go. A theater and location will soon be announced for "Tyson: The Raw Truth" which is set to debut some time in March.

"It will be raw. Nothing will be held back. He's not going to shrink from the problems he's faced and the battles he's fought professionally and personally. It will be unfiltered, and he'll tell it like it is," one of Mike's pals confirmed. "The project has the full blessing of his wife Lakiha and their family." Mike has seven children (he lost his 4-year-old daughter in 2009 in a tragic treadmill accident when he lived in Phoenix).

Leach says Tyson, 45, will stick around after each show to answer questions from the audience and hold meet and greets. The show will include video and photo flashbacks.

"The Hangover 3" is scheduled to start filming later this summer and fall in L.A. with a tentative release planned for Memorial Day weekend of 2013.

Meantime, Mike told radio interviewer Dan Patrick on Wednesday that he's set for "The Hangover, Part 3," the next installment of the wildly successful comedy franchise starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms. The first, shot here in Las Vegas, featured him and his pet tiger, and the sequel, filmed in Thailand, included him singing.