Mayweather uses Camp Ortiz’s family struggles to play some mind games

Floyd Mayweather knows all about the stress of being surrounded by a family of nutcases, so when he had a chance to toy with Camp Ortiz's psyche, he jumped at the chance.

Mayweather was 99 percent respectful and professional during Wednesday's prefight press conference in Las Vegas, but he did slip in one little dig about Victor Ortiz's back story.

"I know the truth. His father didn't leave him. I do my homework. All he says is, 'Dude, I grew up with nothing.' One minute he wants to be a tough guy. Next minute he wants you to feel sorry for him,'' said Mayweather.

Ortiz's story has been told many times. He was abandoned by both of his parent's at a very young age. Ortiz seemed unfazed on stage, but longtime boxing writer Ron Borges claims that it seem to annoy Ortiz.

"I know the real story,'' Ortiz snapped later. "I don't need to hear it from him.''

Bingo! That was all part of the Mayweather plan. And make no mistake about it, Mayweather always has a structured attack in and out of the ring.

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The 41-0 fighter also threw one other salvo at Camp Ortiz by trying to screw with trainer Robert Garcia's head. Ortiz's trainer doesn't speak with his own brother Danny, who also happens to train the Kansas City's fighters' mortal enemy Brandon Rios. So what did Mayweather do? He's having Danny walk him to the ring on Saturday night as part of his entourage. Classic Mayweather.

The press conference ended with the fighters standing nose-to-nose and getting even closer after that when they were chirping directly into the others ear.

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