Mayweather and Merchant refuse to back down over postfight verbal spat

Larry Merchant is the best at what he does because he's extremely confident. The same goes for Floyd Mayweather. So when broadcaster and boxer have locked horns over the years, it's made for some classic confrontations. Saturday's yelling match following Mayweather controversial win over Victor Ortiz was one part entertaining, one part embarrassing.

Merchant kept pressing Mayweather on why he chose to slug Victor Ortiz when his opponent clearly wasn't fighting. After the third or fourth try, Mayweather flipped out and said HBO needed to fire Merchant. The 80-year-old announcer eventually lost his cool and said if he were 5o years younger he'd "kick his ass."

With some time to cool down and think, Merchant gave his take on what happened.

"It's happened a few times with fighters over the years. I ask questions, they want love, Merchant told Bernard Fernandez of the Philadelphia Daily News. "I was trying to find out what happened at the end of that fight. There were a lot of boos. It was a very hostile scene with the crowd. Floyd just exploded and said some nasty, nasty things. I responded."

In the postfight press conference, Floyd reiterated what he said in the ring.

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