Manny Pacquiao welcomes Floyd Mayweather, fans to 'The Manny Team'

LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather is an unquestioned marketing genius. Even Bob Arum, the Top Rank CEO and Mayweather's first professional promoter, admits that.

Arum and Mayweather have feuded on and off throughout the years, even when they were together, but Arum, arguably the greatest promoter in the sport's long history, concedes Mayweather's ability to market himself.

"He kept asking us to market and promote him to that hip-hop market and he turned out to be 100 percent correct," Arum said. "He left us and he went out and did that and he became hugely successful with that market."

A Floyd Mayweather t-shirt in the colors of the Filipino flag is sold out at
A Floyd Mayweather t-shirt in the colors of the Filipino flag is sold out at

Mayweather's company is "The Money Team," and merchandise with his image and the TMT logo is available online and in a large store in the lobby of the MGM Grand, where on Saturday, Mayweather and Pacquiao will meet in a megafight that could generate $400 million.

Many of the shirts Mayweather is selling include the TMT logo or images of Mayweather himself against the backdrop of the Filipino flag.

Pacquiao, the No. 2 boxer in the world, is also a Filipino congressman.

Yahoo Sports asked him at a news conference Tuesday whether it gnawed at him to see Mayweather making use of the Filipino flag in his merchandising, Pacquiao grinned. He was wearing a white T-shirt with his logo that itself was in the yellow, red and blue of the Filipino flag.

"That's good, I like that, because he wants to join our team," Pacquiao said light-heartedly. "TMT: The Manny Team."