Manny Pacquiao moves camp to Los Angeles, trainer unimpressed by Floyd Mayweather

Kevin Iole
Boxing Experts Blog

Manny Pacquiao arrived in Los Angeles from the Philippines on Saturday to finish his training camp for his June 9 bout with Timothy Bradley at trainer Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club.

Pacquiao arrived just as, a couple hundred miles to the East, Floyd Mayweather Jr. stepped into the ring at the MGM Grand Garden for his bout with Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao, who resumed training on Monday, said he managed to catch a portion of the bout.

"It was a good fight and everyone was happy," Pacquiao said.

Mayweather and Pacquiao are regarded as the top two fighters in the world and boxing fans have been eager for them to get into the ring against each other. But a series of issues, notably the purse split and an agreement on a drug testing regimen, have stalled the match.

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Mayweather defeated Cotto by a unanimous decision, winning nine rounds on two judges' cards and 10 rounds on the third. Apparently, that wasn't enough to impress Roach.

"Would Manny beat Floyd?  You bet," Roach said. "The way to beat Floyd to outwork him every minute of every round. Manny is the only one capable of executing that game plan. Activity kills Mayweather. You need to stay busy against him and not let him dictate the pace by slowing down the fight. Southpaws are his other weakness. Manny is just a bad combination for Floyd to fight. If it would bring Floyd into the ring, I'd agree to have Manny fight him right handed."

Though Mayweather hinted at retirement on Saturday, Pacquiao said he doesn't harbor the same thoughts. There had been talk he would only fight a handful more times, but he said Monday retirement isn't on his agenda.

"I still love what I'm doing," he said.

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