Manny Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz released from hospital

Kevin Iole
Boxing Experts Blog

MACAU -- Michael Koncz, Manny Pacquiao's adviser, was released from a local hospital on Thursday and said he is not certain if he suffered a heart attack.

Koncz, who also was hospitalized briefly on Sunday, said he was still having issues. His blood pressure was 220/110, he said. He was having difficulty hearing out of his left ear and his face was still contorted from an episode of Bell's Palsy.

He said he never had high blood pressure before in his life. He said that on his first trip to the hospital, nurses wanted to draw two vials of blood. They tried in his right arm, but couldn't get any blood. Eventually, they got it from the left arm, but the blood was so thick it took a half hour to fill two vials, a process that should take a minute or so.

Koncz, who was in intensive care for two days, said "as far as I know, I did not have a heart attack, but I don't understand all this technical stuff."

"They said I had all of the symptoms of a heart attack, but there is no damage to the heart muscle," Koncz said.

He said he plans to relax and have his associates carry out his duties so that he'll be able to attend Pacquiao's fight on Saturday (Sunday in Macau) against Brandon Rios at CotaiArena.

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