Lamont Peterson struggled to make 140 pounds last week

Elias Cepeda
Lamont Peterson struggled to make 140 pounds last week

Lamont Peterson wants to fight Danny Garcia next in order to unify the 140 pound world title, but he admitted that making the junior welterweight limit this past weekend was tougher than normal for him. After stopping Edgar Santana Saturday in Brooklyn, Peterson revealed his difficulties making weight this time out.

"Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a little tough," he said.

"This time was a little tougher than normal."

Peterson went on to say that he would be fine fighting Garcia at a higher weight than 140 pounds, but that he is confident he can still hit the mark again if need be. The boxer said that random drug testing during his camp would often disrupt his weight and water-shedding program.

"I actually had random testing going on throughout the camp, and they would pop up on me and my weight would be good, and they would come to my hotel and be like, 'Ok, we need some urine.' And I'd have to sit there and drink. six, seven pounds of water just to give them a sample," Peterson said, almost certainly in exaggeration.

"Some way I've got to get that weight off. So, it was a little bit more difficult this time, but I think I have no problem with making it."

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