It's cash, cars and, of course, Floyd Mayweather, as 'All Access' returns Aug. 30

One of the perks Floyd Mayweather Jr. received in the six-fight contract he signed last year with Showtime was the ability to serve as executive producer of the preview shows about his fights.

The next installment of Showtime's All Access series will build toward Mayweather's Sept. 13 rematch at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas against Marcos Maidana. It will debut on Showtime on Aug. 30 at 9:30 p.m. ET and the new round will be familiar for long-time Mayweather observers.

Throughout the piece, Mayweather boasts of his skills, his wealth, his cars and the lifestyle the money provides him. Such over-the-top gimmickry in the debut of HBO's 24/7 series before his fight in 2007 with Oscar De La Hoya is what vaulted him into superstardom.

He's never abandoned that theme and turns to it again in his fourth All Access series for Showtime.

In one segment of the debut episode, Mayweather speaks of his boxing career. "They kind of believe," he says in a voice over while clips are shown of him dressed like James Bond gambling in a casino. "I really believe. They think they're good. I know I'm great."

At another stage, he seems to defend the way he lives his life, speaking to critics known and unknown.

"Still fly; still flashy," he said. "Floyd Mayweather is going to live his life like he wants to live it. I am Mr. Boxing; Mr. Money Man; Mr. I'm Getting It; Mr. 500 million dollar man. When you speak boxing, you're speaking Mayweather."

He references the fact, which he has repeated often over the years, that he has been a professional for 18 years and has been a world champion for 17 of them.

But later, perhaps because some saw his first bout with Maidana as extremely close, he asks the fans to believe in him.

"I just need one percent of your trust [and] I'll earn the other 99," he said. "We can go from here. Let's make it happen."

The clip above is from the Aug. 30 debut episode and is provided courtesy of Showtime.