Floyd Mayweather, Robert Guerrero go nose-to-nose at first meeting during commercial shoot

Kevin Iole
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not only far and away the best fighter of his era, but he's also one of the best at trash talking and getting into an opponent's head.

In this Showtime video, Mayweather is at his trash-talking, intimidating finest as he goes nose-to-nose with Robert Guerrero, his opponent in a May 4 pay-per-view bout in Las Vegas.

The meeting between the fighters was designed to shoot a commercial and get marketing materials for the fight. As he often does, though, Mayweather turned it into a marketing opportunity by playing the bad guy role and trying to intimidate Guerrero.

Guerrero is coming into the fight with great momentum, including solid wins over Andre Berto and Selcuk Aydin. That, though, didn't impress Mayweather, and he wasn't shy about letting Guerrero know it.

Mayweather: This ain't Berto

Guerrero: Think what you want. I don't care

Mayweather: This ain't Berto.

Guerrero: Man, I don't care.

Mayweather: This ain't Berto. This is the real deal.

Mayweather is 43-0 largely based on his marvelous boxing skill and his ability to elude punches. But as he continues to taunt Guerrero, he vows to fight whichever style Guerrero prefers.

It's highly unlikely that Mayweather is going to get into Guerrero's face and fight at close range for any length of time, but he said he would do so if that's what Guerrero wanted.

And so Mayweather got inches from Guerrero's nose and promised that he'd beat Guerrero at his own game.

He began to shout at Guerrero as others in the background urged the fighters to keep their cools.

Mayweather, though, sensing an opportunity, seized it.

Mayweather: Can't hit what you can't see. I'll give it to you toe-to-toe, however you want it. How do you want it? Tell me how you want it.

Guerrero: Let's do it toe-to-toe.

Mayweather: I'm going to give it to you.

Guerrero (To someone off-camera): All right. You guys heard that? Toe-to-toe.

Mayweather: I'm going to give it to you.

Toward the end of the video, Mayweather references a Guerrero comment that it would be an easy night for him.

Mayweather: They said you said it's going to be easy for you? You're right. It's going to be easy for you to get your ass stomped.

Mayweather has averaged 1.07 million pay-per-view sales per bout, but given the massive contract that Showtime has given him, the network will need to do significantly more sales than that in order to recoup its guarantee.

It's going to need more of Mayweather stirring up interest, as well as for Guerrero to convince a public that doesn't really know him that he has a chance to win.

Hat tip to Ryan Maquinana of CSN Bay Area for the link to the video.

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