Cotto refuses photo with Mayorga, says ‘You can take the picture with your mother!’

Anyone who thought a more sane Ricardo Mayorga would hit the ground in Las Vegas this week was sadly mistaken. Mayorga is getting long in the teeth, but he still possesses the ability to enrage an opponent. Miguel Cotto was ready to ring his neck today at the final press conference for their Saturday fight.

Some of the classic Mayorga quotes included:

"I'd like to thank Bob Arum for allowing me to eat his sheep on Saturday night."

"I'm either going to knock Cotto down or I'm going to bust him open with a cut on one of [his] two eyes. I guarantee you that's going to happen in the first round. As soon as that bell sounds, I'm going after him. I'm going to kill this guy. I can sense that Cotto has a genuine fear of me. I can see it in his eyes. I can see it in his face."

"Whoever is on Cotto's side, they're going to have to wear black come Sunday. Tell the athletic commission to have 911 really close by the ring Saturday night because Cotto is going to be in bad shape."


After taking off his shirt, Mayorga remarked, "Look how ripped I am. Do I look overweight? Tell Cotto to lift his shirt up and you'll see the beer gut he's got."

"What are you planning on doing when I beat you? Continue in boxing or look for a job? All Nicaraguans and Latins alike, including Puerto Ricans are going to bet on me and not on Cotto because they know what the smart bet is. After the fight, they are no longer going to call him Miguel Jose Cotto. They'll call him Miguel Jose Mayorga. I'm going to finish the job and send you back over to Ricky Martin so you can finish your job."

Cotto refused to take a staredown photo with Mayorga.

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