Woman climbs the Kauffman Stadium fountain, tries to evade security, then gets arrested

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When you win a game 13-0 like the Kansas City Royals did on Monday night, things are bound to get weird. For example, the Minnesota Twins, who were on the receiving end of the rout, put in an infielder to pitch one inning.

But that wasn't nearly the weirdest thing that happened at Kauffman Stadium on Monday. That honor belongs to the woman who went on a daring expedition that included climbing around the outfield fountain, eventually going in for a swim and then trying to evade security.

To her credit, we suppose, she did it in flip-flops while holding a blue beverage in her hand. That should count for a few "degree of difficulty" points. She didn't run onto the field, like that doofus from the All-Star game, but she still paid for her exploits with a trip to jail. Something tells those frosty blue beverages fueled her adventure. Here's a video from a fan nearby:

It should go without saying, but this is not behavior the Royals encourage. Toby Cook, the Royals' vice president of community affairs and publicity, told KMBZ in Kansas City:

"It might look funny on websites, but it's a dangerous thing to do. Not only gets you out of the ball park really fast, it's something we want to encourage fans not to consider because somebody could get seriously hurt if they go into the fountain."

Another nearby fan, Imgur user SDBasscreature, snapped a number of photos leading from the woman's climb to her eventual capture. She didn't seem to get injured — though, we'd bet her pride might be bruised when she sees all this with a clearer head.

We're learning a lot more the next day about the fountain-prancing woman. She's been dubbed "Fountain Mom" and radio personality Danny Boi from 96.5 The Buzz in Kansas City has been on the Fountain Mom case. He's reporting these vital details:

• She's 25 and from Des Moines. So breathe easy, Kansas, she's not one of yours.

• She faced a $3,000 bond for her jaunt. See, kids, fountain-climbing doesn't come without consequences.

• She was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and — wait for it — soliciting an officer with gratuitous favors. Uh huh.

The Kansas City police were then kind enough to tweet out her mugshot and give this story its proper embarrassing ending:

Proud day for her and her family, obviously.

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