Wiffle Ball ump — yes, they have them — takes line drive to sensitive zone

David Brown
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Apparently, there's something called the Potomac Wiffleball League and they're earnestly competitive — to the point that they use umpires who even dress like actual umpires. Well, with one possible exception. The umps don't appear to wear athletic cups to protect the male reproductive system.

Why would you wear a cup, right? It's a Wiffle Ball, after all. Little plastic deal. You can't get hurt with a Wiffle! Well, ahem, the poor umpire here disagrees, as the video above shows.

 The umpire's name is Hal Ward, described by the league as a "veteran PWL" ump.


Ward took quite a while to get to his feet, and after he did he was replaced by another ump. This Wiffle Ball game is rugged! The batter, Jim Shannon of the Blandsford Barnburners, reportedly has an on-base plus slugging percentage of 2.135. But he only gets a single for this hit.

It seems like a mad amount of fun, but they also could use someone like Batting Stance Guy to do guest appearances, posing as famous ballplayers. His reenactment of this incident would be a choice cut.

Also, this joke seems appropriate:

Q: What do you do with an elephant that has three balls?

A: Walk him and pitch to the rhino.

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