This week in Jose Canseco weirdness: brother vs. brother, flying gators

For a guy who hasn't played in the majors in a dozen years, Jose Canseco sure does find ways to hang around the game. This week, he's in Texas, serving as a player-coach for the independent Fort Worth Cats for a homestand. And if that wasn't enough to interest you, his first opponents are the Edinburg Roadrunners, coached by none other than Canseco's brother Ozzie.

“I am excited to come to Fort Worth and mentor the young ballplayers,” Jose said in a statement. “I love Dallas/Fort Worth and I can’t wait to go up against Ozzie.”

The player/coach is a noble profession, but one that's fallen into disfavor in these days of specialization. The last player/manager in the majors was Pete Rose back in the late 1980s. As recently as 2011, the White Sox toyed with the idea of making Paul Konerko a player/manager, but ended up hiring former player Robin Ventura instead. Jose Canseco was, apparently, not considered for the position.

And in other "what the heck...?" news, Canseco has written the foreword to the novel "Air Force Gator 2: Scales of Justice." In case you missed the first installment — come on, get with the program — "Air Force Gator" is the tale of an alcoholic alligator that flies a plane shaped like a gator's head. It's fiction, we're assuming, but you never know. Anyway, the author, Dan Ryckert, apparently got into a Twitter war with Canseco and somehow persuaded him to write the foreword for free.

After Ryckert insulted Canseco on Twitter, the erstwhile Bash Brother replied, "how many copies of Air Force Gator did you sell dan? Let me know if u need help mine made the NY Times Best Seller list."

Canseco later offered to write the foreword, and Ryckert agreed: "I am not kidding at all when I say you can write the foreword for Air Force Gator 2. I'm totally not spellchecking it, though."

Canseco wants to play the gator in the movie version, because of course he does. If you're interested in checking out some of the literary stylings of Canseco, as well as the tale of a gator who flies a plane, click here to see the book's Amazon page.

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