Vin Scully calls Yasiel Puig the 'maestro' of the bat flip (Video)

A lot of people call Yasiel Puig a lot of names, and they're not always nice. But legendary Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully called Puig a "maestro" on Thursday night after his latest big bat flip. That has to be a new one.

A maestro, eh? Well, the way Puig waves around his bat is sort of like the way an conductor waves his baton. And he does play the game sometimes like he's conducting an orchestra that only he hears.

Lend us your imagination for just a second:

(Getty Images / BLS Illustration)
(Getty Images / BLS Illustration)

OK, shenanigans aside: Puig had two doubles in the Dodgers' 6-3 loss Thursday night to the Pittsburgh Pirates (and now he's hitting a whopping .414 in May). It was Puig's second double, in the sixth inning, that got Scully going. As usual, it was Scully's charming chatter that stole the show.

"If you want to really learn how to flip the bat, here's the maestro," Scully said.

Valid point. You could learn a lot about bat flipping by watching Puig every night. But the best moment in Scully's call might just be his satisfied, "Oh yeah, there you go" when the bat flip is replayed. He sounded so happy. Then he added:

"That was definitely a home-run flip … since it was a double, it should have been half a flip."

This was a full flip all right. Puig is quite proficient with them at this point, so we're not terribly impressed by that. But The Stew can never get enough of Vin Scully's endless charm.

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