Texas Rangers now selling a two-foot long taco for $26

Texas Rangers now selling a two-foot long taco for $26
Texas Rangers now selling a two-foot long taco for $26

The Texas Rangers have become the MLB kings of extreme eats in recent years and they have yet another mammoth new product that will challenge your gastrointestinal fortitude.

The Rangers introduced a two-foot long taco called the Tanaco, which sells for $26. It's built like a taco, with a crispy shell holding the beef, chicken and toppings, but logically it's more like a big ol' plate of nachos. At least it makes more sense to eat it like you'd eat nachos.

The Rangers' concession menu already includes a two-foot kabob (the Kaboom Kabob), bacon on a stick and a bacon waffle on a stick. Then there's the more extreme: The Choomongous sandwich named for Shin-Soo Choo. It's a 24-inch spicy Korean beef sub. The Rangers are also still selling the two-foot long Boomstick hot dog that was introduced in 2013.

But back to this taco. I enjoy tacos, like most rational human beings do. I was a guest on the MLB Fan Cave podcast earlier this week (podcast coming soon) and they asked me about the best baseball stadium tacos, to which I said I don't know any great ones around MLB.

Looking at this Tanaco, I don't think I need to change that answer.

It scores plenty of points for novelty and "wow factor." But for $26, you can eat like a king at your local taco truck and that seems like a better idea than scarfing down one of these badboys. 

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