Stereotypical Dodgers fan: Danielle Fishel leaves Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter early


Actors Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage of "Boy Meets World" fame attended Dodger Stadium on Wednesday night to throw out the first pitch and to promote their new show, and it just happened to be the same day that Clayton Kershaw threw the 22nd no-hitter in club history.

So how'd they enjoy seeing history made? Not sure about Savage, but Fishel told TMZ Sports she left the ballpark early. C'mon, Topanga! Fishel said she actually went home before the first inning because she'd been "up since 3 a.m. doing press" for the show. Before the first inning??? That's really beating the traffic, as Los Angeles Dodgers fans are said to do — coming and going.

Fishel distinguishes herself here from the folks who infamously arrive by the third inning or so and leave after the seventh-inning stretch (or before it, to beat the rush of people leaving before the seventh-inning stretch). Because, L.A. traffic is, like, the worst.

Actually, the totality of Fishel's response makes her sound like a perfectly reasonable and responsible adult. You also get the feeling that, if she had known what Kershaw would do, she would have left just the same. From the "Thirty Mile Zone" sports dept.:

Fishel says the fact she boned out early is a good thing for Dodgers Nation -- "Kershaw achieved something amazing. If I had stayed, I may have jinxed him."

Danielle explains ... "I missed a chance to see history, but I live in Orange County and I have a husband and a dog and other responsibilities that come before having a good time at a Dodgers game, unfortunately."

Whatever, thoughtful person with real-life obligations.

[Editor's note: The Stew does not understand why her leaving is referred to as having "boned out." #NSFW?]

Her new venture, "Girl Meets World," premieres June 27 on the Disney Channel.

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