Sewage floods A’s coaches’ bathroom at Coliseum

The Oakland A's arrived at Coliseum on Saturday morning needing a win and a little help from the Kansas City Royals to clinch the AL West. That should have been the focus of the day, but instead the overriding story was one that has been recurring all season long in Oakland. Sewage. After seeping into the A's dugout and

creating quite a stink during Tuesday night's game, the sewage returned, and this time it flooded the A's coaches out of their bathroom.

According to A's VP of baseball operations David Rinetti, rain was to blame for Saturday's flooding. That's a troubling piece of information because it represents the third different issue that has led to sewage flooding at this season alone. In June, the A's cited a drainage problem unrelated to rainfall as the source of the problem. Just three days ago, the blame was placed on a blue rag that was flushed down the toilet.

As the rain continued falling throughout the afternoon, delaying the start of Oakland's 9-1 victory over the Minnesota, the flooding kept spreading throughout stadium.

It's never a good sign when the sandbags come out. It's a worse sign when you have no place to wash your hands.

Dugouts also were affected.

As awful as that looked, the A's insisted there was no sewage component. We'll take their word for it.

As David Brown mentioned here on Tuesday, a new stadium where the clubhouses, dugouts and field aren't so far below sea level would probably be a good idea for the A's in the future. We know they've been trying to find a location for a new stadium for several years, but it's getting to the point where something has to happen. Soon.

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