San Diego’s new Triple-A affiliate will be named the El Paso Chihuahuas

We learned months ago that the San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate was moving from Tucson to El Paso beginning in 2014. Now, after much debate and eventually a contest to name the team, it was revealed on Tuesday that the winning selection was Chihuahuas.

The El Paso Chihuahuas. Get used to it.

The announcement was made in front of a group of youth baseball players from around the area. The other choices fans were given to pick from included Aardvarks, Desert Gators, Sun Dogs, and Buckaroos, so they clearly made the correct choice. It's actually a pretty fun name that they could do a lot with in terms of the logo, merchandise and future promotions. It‘s creative, too. But most important according to general manager Brad Taylor, it’s kid friendly.


"Through the entire [branding] process, our focus was on fun and on finding something that could appeal to kids," he continued. "You have to believe in the brand, and stand by it, because the brand isn't just something that people hear — it's something they see."

Speaking of visuals, as you can see at the top the team also had a number of logos to sort through. They eventually settled on this one.

Based on the early response, fans are less united on the angry looking chihuahua than they were the team name, but that shouldn’t be a long-standing issue according to Taylor.

"If everyone liked the logo, then it'd probably be something very boring. This is something that you can't take too seriously; imagine seeing it through the eyes of a child because, again, it's all about fun," he said. "It might take some time to warm up to it, but we know people will grow to love the brand once they see how we do things."

We’ve heard the team’s take and you’ve read my early assessment of the Chihuahuas name and logo. How do you guys and gals feel about it? Good choice? Prefer something else on the list? Or would you have gotten even more creative?

Weigh in below.

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