Rockies owner Dick Monfort apologizes for telling frustrated fan 'Don't come!' back

There's an old saying on the Internet: "Don't read the comments." A real-life version might be, if you're a  Colorado Rockies fan, "Don't send comments, because the owner might snap at you."

That's precisely what happened to Michael Ferguson of Grand Junction, Colo. after he and his family attended a Rockies game at Coors Field against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the Fourth of July. After spending $288 on tickets alone, the Fergusons watched the Dodgers smoke the Rockies 9-0. The results were extreme, but still kind of typical for the Rockies this season: They're 39-53, which is one of the worst records in Major League Baseball. And they're on pace to finish under .500 for the fourth straight season, and for the 13th time since 1998.

Walking out of the ballpark and back to the family car anticipating a four-hour drive home, Ferguson noticed a comment card station. So, it being our nation's birthday, Ferguson exercised his First Amendment rights and filled one out, telling the Rockies how frustrating it is to support a team that loses all of the time.

A few days later, Ferguson got a surprise in the mail: His card, with comments added from Rockies owner, chairman and CEO Dick Monfort:

“If product and experience that bad don’t come!”

"Don't come"! After the guy spends $288 on your sorry ashcan team! That doesn't even include feeding his family Rocky Mountain oysters at the park, and gassing up the Fergie-mobile.

UPDATE: Rockies spokesperson Jay Alves told The Stew via email that Monfort has apologized:

"Yesterday Mr. Monfort reached out via email to the fan in Grand Junction, Mr. Mike Ferguson. Mr. Monfort apologized for his earlier email, and he gave Mr. Ferguson his number to call as he would like apologize to him directly. Mr. Ferguson has yet to either return Mr. Monfort’s email or to call him."

Good for Mr. Monfort. Let the healing begin!

Ferguson's comment card, as far as we know, wasn't filled with profanities, nor was it unreasonable. What possibly could motivate Monfort to respond in such a way? Well, going by this column written by Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post, Mr. Monfort might be a little sensitive about how poorly the Rockies are doing:


How's it going, Dick?

"Awful. Just awful," Monfort replied Tuesday, as we stood in the dugout at Coors Field. "It's the worst I've ever been in my life."


"It's because of baseball," said Monfort, exuding a vibe so gloomy it erased the afternoon sun shining on his face. "I don't sleep at night."


"I live in fear all the time," Monfort said.

Fear? Fear of what?

"Fear of losing," Monfort said.

Ferguson, hopefully, will take up Monfort on his offer and they can have a discussion.

In the meantime, take the comment cards out of Coors Field until they start a winning streak.

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