Robinson Cano introduced to Seattle — with a beard, No. 22 and a jab from Pete Rose

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Seattle Mariners made official Thursday their deal with Robinson Cano. Of course, Cano leaving New York for Seattle is old news by baseball standards, but his *official* introduction did reveal a few interesting things. Enough things, in fact, for a bullet-pointed list. Let's do that, shall we?

Hey, check out that beard
Cano either didn't bring a razor with him to Seattle, didn't want to use any of his $240 million to buy one or he's been wanting to have a beard all this time. Beards, of course, are outlawed by the Yankees. But here is, with a beard. (Imaginary subtext: Take that, Yankees!) Good news, Robbie, now you can scratch your face with $100 bills if your new beard starts to itch.

• He's not wearing No. 24 and that's good.
We touched on this when the Cano-to-Seattle news broke, but Cano wore No. 24 with the Yankees most of his time there. It's 42 backward, and he's named after Jackie Robinson. In Seattle, though, No. 24 was famously worn by Ken Griffey Jr. It's not retired, but should be. No jersey controversy here, thankfully, as Cano has decided to wear No. 22. He wore that early in his career with the Yankees, but switched when Rogers Clemens wanted the number.

• A few contract particulars
Cano's $240 million contract — tied for the fourth-largest in MLB history — was finalized Thursday. There's no funny business on his year-by-year salary. It's a straight up $24 million annually. He also has a full no-trade clause.

• "Hello Cano" is a thing
The Mariners have started a #HelloCano campaign, and people seem to be playing along. This was a good one.

• Even Pete Rose has jokes about Robinson Cano
Social media is full of people taking shots at Cano. The main joke is that he'll never make the playoffs again. Even Pete Rose piled on. From the Staten Island Advance:

Rose discussed Cano's move to the M's on the Michael Kay Show (ESPN-98.7 FM) Wednesday; and he couldn't help but needle the former Yankee.

"He [Jay Z] got him a big raise, but he got him an extra 30-day vacation -- and it's called October," Rose said.


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