Report: Harold Reynolds top candidate to replace Tim McCarver as Fox baseball analyst

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If you were hoping the end of Tim McCarver's run as Fox's lead baseball analyst means the stage will open up for a new and exciting voice, then you're not going to like what you read next.

Word has it that Harold Reynolds is the front runner to take over for McCarver next year and shack up next to Joe Buck. Reynolds, currently at MLB Network, is at the top of Fox's list, ahead of Tom Verducci and John Smoltz.

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch wrote in September that the three of them were the top candidates and now Chad Finn of the Boston Globe says Reynolds is the top choice:

At this point it seems a fait accompli that he’ll be the choice over candidates such as Tom Verducci and John Smoltz.

Reynolds played 12 years in MLB, then did ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" for 10 years. He was fired after a sexual harassment accusation and eventually landed at MLB Network, where he's an analyst and co-host of "MLB Now" with Brian Kenny. The two of them do a old-school vs. new-school debate show full of ESPN-esque manufactured conflict. Reynolds plays the old-school guy, though in a Fox role, he wouldn't be as old-school as McCarver.

Over at Awful Announcing, which breaks down exactly what its name says, Joe Lucia calls Reynolds' analysis skills "mindless cliches reminiscent of Chris Berman trying to break down a football game" and sums up the potential hire as more of the same — "it would even possibly drive more people away from the product."

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