Report: Dodgers player boasted of urinating in Diamondbacks pool at Chase Field

As reporter Tony Jackson writes in his blog, new information coming to light regarding the Los Angeles Dodgers taking their NL West-clinching celebration into the Chase Field pool this past week takes the story to "a whole different place."

Jackson says that at least one Dodgers player urinated in the pool and loudly boasted about it. Jackson also says indications are that "multiple" players peed in the neo-iconic pool, which is just beyond the outfield fence in right center and really ties the stadium together.

Gee, wiz, guys. Really? Dodger blue, not Dodger yellow.

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After reportedly asking the Dodgers beforehand not to celebrate outside of the visitor's clubhouse, the Diamondbacks raised a fuss about the pool party. A group of Dodgers, perhaps 10-15 — possibly realizing that the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint — defied the request. Afterward, D-backs utility man Willie Bloomquist, without even getting into any possible micturating, said the Dodgers acted "classless." A few locals in the lapdog portion of the media agreed and, on the whole, the D-backs looked like whiners.

Instead, now it's the Dodgers who look bad. And all of them have urine on themselves, even if they didn't participate in the Great Chase Field Tinkle. Like a disappointed parent might with their child, Jackson shamed the heck out of them:

Any Dodgers player or players who urinated in the Chase Field pool on Thursday also defaced the Dodgers name. They may have thought they were pissing all over the Diamondbacks, but really, they were pissing all over the Dodgers, and everything the Dodgers are supposed to be about. They were pissing all over the legacy of this franchise and the jersey they wear every night, although apparently they don’t wear it quite as proudly as some of their predecessors from previous generations, or as proudly as some of their teammates still do today. They were pissing all over the legacies of Sandy and Jackie and the Duke.

He's right. Even though it doesn't take much of an imagination to have guessed all along that someone might have peed in the pool, boasting about it — to the point that peeing in the pool becomes the reason you dived in to begin with — is disgusting. Figuratively and literally. Marking territory in that way should be for animals.


Hopefully the joke is on the Dodgers, and the pool's filters were turned off while the game was still going on, so they got little kid urinary sediment all over themselves. It would serve them right. By peeing in the pool, the Dodgers ruined what seemed to be a spontaneous celebration. Not cool, guys.

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