Rapper 50 Cent threw out probably the worst first pitch ever (Video)

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It's a good thing 50 Cent didn't hype up his first pitch at Tuesday's New York Mets game against the Pirates with a tagline like "Throw a Strike or Die Tryin'." If he had, he'd be dead.

Instead, he's just embarrassed — and he's the new owner of the worst first pitch in history. We don't say that lightly. Baseball has given us some horrible first pitches over the years, but 50 Cent just took things to a new level of ridiculousness.

Watch this thing. Oof. It's as bad as his catalog after "Get Rich or Die Tryin'."

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50 thought it was funny, or at least played it off that way:

 As bad first pitches by "musicians" go — 50's is worse than Mariah Carey's and Carly Rae Jepsen's, two of the all-timers in that category. At least they got the ball going in the right direction. Mr. Cent looked like he spotted Ja Rule in a dugout and was trying to bean him. He might want to use that excuse actually; it may help him get back some of his hip-hop cred.

This is even funnier because 50 looked the part and his wind up was decent. It seemed like he might actually throw a respectable first pitch. But then his body went one way, his arm went another and we were all treated to first-pitch disaster.

It might be time for 50 to restart his training regimen from the "In Da Club" video and try this again next year:

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