Pandamonium! Fans wear panda heads for Giants’ Pablo Sandoval (Photos)

David Brown
Big League Stew

Steve Hsieh, David Lee and a friend who didn't want to be named have great heads for baseball. Panda heads, that is. As they have been doing "for a while" at Giants games, the trio wore costume panda heads to Game 2 of the NLCS on Monday night. Kung Fu Panda, of course, was the nickname given Giants slugger Pablo Sandoval because of his big size and surprising agility. The Panda Trio had great seats in the first tier between home plate and the Giants dugout, friendly territory to be sure.

"Got to support the Sandoval, got to support the Giants," Hsieh said.

But what happens when the trio, uh, heads to St. Louis for the middle games of the series? Will they be deemed as cute and lovable by Redbird Nation?

"We're worried we're going to get our [behinds] kicked," Lee said.

The trio traveled to Texas in 2010 for the World Series and brought another, smaller panda head (you can make it out on the far right) and were not met with Texas hospitality.

"A big  Texan got into it with us over the head," Hsieh said. "It was about to get ugly, but we were OK."

You might be wondering: What about the people that sit behind these big-headed panda lovers? Well, the Pandaheads are limited as to when and where they don their noggins. They're not allowed to block anybody's view for any more than a few seconds, whether that's to take pictures, sign autographs or give out a bear hug.

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