MLB reviews Adam Jones' comments about fans who run on the field

David Brown
Baltimore Orioles' Adam Jones reacts after striking out during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the New York Yankees Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at Yankee Stadium in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Baltimore Orioles star Adam Jones regrets nothing about his comments regarding fans who run on the field during Major League Baseball games, and his candor might get him in trouble with the league.

The Baltimore Sun reports that MLB was reviewing comments made by Jones on Tuesday, after two fans clad in Yankees jerseys jumped the fence at Yankee Stadium and ran around with the Orioles on defense in the eighth inning. A day later after Jones said he didn't mean any actual harm by his comments, he also doesn't regret making them:

“My comments weren’t malicious or anything like that,” Jones said. “It’s just my opinion. I’m pretty sure other people have spoken their opinion and gotten nothing. … The players feel like it’s something you don't say, and I said it.”

Well, they might feel that way because they'd get fined, and Jones not feeling the need to backtrack might prompt MLB to levy a penalty. Free speech isn't free you know; It costs a buck-oh-five, which probably will be the relative cost to Jones if MLB hits him.

Looking back to Tuesday, a fed-up Jones said, among other things, that he wished police would use tasers on the trespassers. Also:

"I let them know how I felt – obviously, a lot of choice words – because I think it's idiotic for people to run on the field, and I think the punishment needs to be a lot harsher," Jones said. "And they should let us have a shot to kick them with our metal spikes on, because it's stupid."

It's probably stupid to run on the field and have your way with a fan using metal spikes — and yet, Jones' sentiments are not unreasonable feelings to have. It's like that Romeo and Juliet couple. Feeling like you could die for love — groovy. Actually doing it? People still think it's romantic, but it's really doubtful that Adam Jones is going to beat fans with his cleats if they run on the field. And a $10,000 or $50,000 fine won't change that, either way.


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