Miss Texas joins the running for worst first-pitch crown

Of all the awful ceremonial first-pitches we've seen this season, the effort put forth by reigning Miss Texas, Monique Evans, may well be the worst of its kind.

At best, it's in the team picture along with 50 Cent's so-called attempt at Citi Field earlier this season. At worst, it is the worst. And honestly, we might be willing to go there.

Obviously, Evans was going for the underhand toss, and we're perfectly fine with that approach. Unfortunately, it ended up looking more like Jeff Bridges' first-pitch at Dodger Stadium two weeks ago when he channeled The Dude and rolled it to the plate bowling style. The difference being, Bridges' pitch was intentional, and at least he stayed in his own lane.

The problem for Evans was multi-layered. Her mechanics left a lot to be desired and really didn't allow her to get much force behind the pitch. A more active windup may have helped there. And her release point really was in 50 Cent territory, as its final resting place wide right of the plate would attest.

The reaction of the Rangers mascot was subtle, but telling as well.

At least she was a good sport about it. That makes it a little easier to dissect her effort without feeling bad, because there's essentially no way to spin it positively. Well, unless we match it directly with 50 Cent's.

For historical purposes, here's a look back to his performance.

We'll let you be the judge here: Which first-pitch was the worst in 2014?

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